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Vitabu vyote kwa 9789966170040 - Linganisha kila kutoa

9789966170040 - Githara Kimani: Eyes Of The Devil-The Forerunner - Kitabu
Githara Kimani (?):

Eyes Of The Devil-The Forerunner (2015) (?)

Uwasilishaji kutoka: UfaransaKitabu kipyae, e-kitabu, kitabu tarakimubidhaa kwa ajili ya kupakua tarakimu

ISBN: 9789966170040 (?) au 9966170049, lugha isiyojulikana, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Mpya, e, Upakuaji wa tarakimu

Kutoka kwa muuzaji/Antiquarian
In Niepothia a lazy, easy Sunday afternoon suddenly turns tragic for Endeye and his wife Geba Rizo when their twins are brutally attacked. The twins had chased a big locust into an old barn. One twin, Chilella, dies and the other, Chimo is struck dumb. And in Yenkania, on a mission to rescue the victims of a ghastly and mysterious bus accident, policeman Wanchai Lugo finds the body of a little girl in the bush by the river bank. Puzzled, he looks around. A huge locust attracts his attention, and then flies intimidatingly at him. A few days later, a second encounter with the locust changes his life completely: He: murders his girlfriend, disappears into a wildlife park then runs to the dark and mysterious Tynsdale Lodge to become the devil's faithful servant. Devillata, the locust headed monster spawn of the Beast has hit town and is having a whale of a time killing and bending the minds of men to the will of the devil. Her mission'to destroy the twins, one of who is the prophesied bearer of the Sword of Deliverance, God's ultimate weapon against the Beast of evil, the weapon whose forging the devil must stop. In the Misty Realm where dwells the evil queens, Evillata, a super-powerful spawn of the Beast usurps power, dethrones her mother, Devillata and sets out to fulfill the Beast's plans for mankind: Even as she continues her mother's attempts to destroy the twin Chimo, she has his uncle, prince Raschillela of Niepothia murdered in Yenkania and the twins mother, Geba Rizo kidnapped, forcing Endeye, who sees it as the work of the Yenkanian security agents to escape back home to overthrow his uncle, and prepare to march in revenge against Yenkania. Meanwhile police sergeant Maro is convinced that what is happening is beyond police methods, and, defying his commanders orders sets out to cross the Yenkanian wild lands in an old Land Rover headed for the Repaa mountains where dwells an old hermit who he believes has knowledge of how the devil could be overcome. Unknown to hi
Namba ya oda ya muuzaji: 129c70c5-906d-4e89-a103-e52dcb05f7ee
Namba ya oda ya jukwaa 100179789966170040
Maneno muhimu: Eyes Of The Devil-The Forerunner Githara Kimani Book 9789966170040
Data kutoka 02/12/2018 05:31h
ISBN (kuweka mbadala): 9966-1700-4-9, 978-9966-1700-4-0


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